Creamy Pasta Bake

Creamy, saucy, vegan pasta bake. 


Carrot Cake with Lemon Butter Icing

Moist, sweet, spicy carrot cake with a delicious lemon butter dressing. This recipe is a little bit naughty, with the sugar but it is very very tasty! 

Potato Cake

In Australia we have something thing called a ‘potato cake’. They’re very unhealthy but very delicious! Generally they’re vegan, but sometimes they’re made with dairy products, or cooked in animal oil. So I tend to avoid them just incase.
This is my own giant, vegan, potato cake. I can’t promote it as a healthy treat, but I can certainly vouch for its tastiness!

Banana Walnut Bread

Today I woke up feeling like banana everything, so here is my tasty spicy banana walnut cake!

Corn Bites

Recently I have been experimenting with creating warm vegan snacks, this recipe is the result of my experimentations! The mandioca flour in these make them deliciously chewy and the corn water makes them a nice and sweet.

Dhal Curry

I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful Indian woman in London who taught me how to make this dhal recipe, that comes from her grandma. 

Healthy and simple!

Indian Inspired Chickpea Pancakes

Have I said before that I love chickpeas? They are so versatile and are tasty just on their own! Play around with this recipe, add different spices and veggies.

Chickpea Burger Patties

Chickpeas are by far my favourite legume, they are so versatile and chickpea flour is delicious. These burgers are gluten free so our celiac friends can enjoy these as well. 

Ros il Forn With a Twist

Recently I had been craving a good rice bake and remembered this old Maltese favourite. I’m really happy with my Vegan version!

Cashew Cheese

I created this cheese recipe because I needed cheese for another recipe I was making. It’s really quick, easy and healthy. It has a cream cheese / hummus texture to it.  

Chocolate Almond Slice

When I was little (and before I became a Vegan) my parents would often take my sister and I to the bakery. Every time, she would have a custard tart and I would have a caramel slice – my favourite dessert. This recipe trumps the caramel slices of my childhood, and takes first place as my new favourite dessert! 

Veggie, Tofu Slice

Creamy, and healthy savoury slice. You can add more, or less vegetables, tomatoes and broccoli go really well in this recipe! 

Almond Butter

My favourite nut spread and a creamy peanut butter alternative.

Vegetable Stack

This recipe creates soft potato and succulent eggplant. It is super basic and healthy and can be served as a main or a side.

Fresh Lentil Salad

This Lebanese inspired lentil salad is great for summer, it can be served hot or cold!

Rich Chocolate Cake

I created this recipe a few years ago for Christmas in London. After a lot of positive feedback, I ended up making many for friends and relatives! It’s super easy to make and is rich and delicious.

Chocolate Peanut Balls

I created this recipe while in Bangkok for Christmas, experimenting making desserts without an oven and without my usual supermarket selection!